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Black Cat Mining has worked hard to establish a reputation for quality information, friendly service and fast shipping. Below you will find real, unsolicited comments from Black Cat customers. We are proud of the feedback we receive, and work hard to ensure that these comments are also an accurate reflection of what it's like to do business with us.

As the other feedback said "Quality product, quick response, refreshing communication". This is the second time ordering from them and if I need something else I will return. Thanks again Doug in So Cal

Just received my package today. I must say I'm very impressed with the quality of this small family owned business. Quality product, quick response, refreshing communication. Hope to be doing business with you again soon! Sean in Silver Plume, CO

You guys are fantastic! - I will be sure to spread the word.

Seriously, thanks a lot for getting this out today. It will be used this weekend at a really really good spot I found on the Trinity. Bob Out

Hi Eathan

Received the 2 1/2 inch dredge on Thursday this week, which I have just finished putting together. It looks great and I'm sure will work well.

Thanks for an easy purchase and also for the t-shirt too, it fits well .
I look forward to using the dredge this summer. Blair in New Zealand

You rock!

It was 2 hours and six minutes from "Order Received" to "Your Order has Shipped" and on the Friday before Labor Day weekend.

Outstanding service! DL


I received my order and was very impressed with the product and the customer service your company afforded me. I don't want to take too much of your time, but I love the steel pans I ordered and will be using them both for placer mining and campfire cooking when I visit the Flambeau River near Ladysmith, WI in August. We are lucky to have the only gold mine in Wisconsin just a few miles up-river from our cabin so I'm crossing my fingers that we'll find some goodness. I've already had several friends and family members ask me where I got such a great piece of kit and I was sure to tell them that Black Cat Mining was the place to go. Hopefully I'll be blessed with a few flakes of AU in my pan. Thanks again, and feel free to use this as a testimonial on your website to the great customer service that your company provides.

Warmest regards, Michael G. Studnicki

Thanks for the update.

The classifiers and sluice will be taken to and used on a mountaintop site in Guyana, South America.

I was there in 2010 with an exploratory team prospecting for gold and diamonds. Unfortunately, I only had a 1/4 inch mesh classifier, a gold pan and a finishing pan. We found .25 CT and larger diamonds but I've since found out that the majority of stones are smaller than that. It boggles the imagination to think that we were tossing diamonds away because we didn't have the right gear!

Anyhow, I've been doing business with Black Cat for the last couple years and wanted you all to know I've always had quick service and courteous responses to any problems.

I sure appreciate it! Ed Blackford

Hey Eathan,

Just to let you and your company know that my order has arrived today. Christmas Day came early and I was so eager to open my packages. Every things all there and great condition. What great sevice. Can't believe I just ordered my Proline sluice box and 2 pans 6 days ago. Now it's here. Thanks for everything, Paul Craff

Thank you so much for everything! Your customer service is the best and I am very pleased with how quickly my order was shipped. I won't shop anywhere else for my gold mining supplies and I will recommend to all my friends. Thanks again! Carri Odle in Sturgis, SD

Eathan and company,

I just wanted to thank you for sending my order so quickly... I got it this afternoon. My wife and I are new to prospecting so I look forward to getting some experience under my belt and ordering more equipment from you folks. Best of luck to you and your business. John in Paradise, CA


Now thats what I call service. Its only been 1 hour 30 minutes since I placed the order untill it shipped. You guys ROCK! I will definatley be placing orders with you in the future.

Thank you for the great service. Paul S. in MT

Wow, great service!

Thank you and have a great holiday season. Christy

Hi Eathan,

Wow!! I am totally impressed. My order arrived 2 days ago. That was so fast. thank you. Haven't opened it. just wanted to let you know it arrived. Kim

Hi Eathan,

Yesterday morning I didn't even know your company existed. In the space of a short time I learned something about Rock Tumblers from my two conversations with you and made a decision to purchase one with a starter kit for my grandson. I received a confirming email and at 4 35 pm also received an email saying the package was shipped. This afternoon I returned home from a bicycle ride to find my Black Cat Mining package on my door step having been delivered at 2 43 pm via UPS. Your company has set the bar high for other "internet companies" to match your professionalism, competitive pricing and speedy delivery. Thanks Barry Whitworth in OR

Eathan/Lindsey: Just a quick note to say that you had the best price anywhere for the geologist hammer/pick and your shipping time and handling charges were far better than most other email businesses. Great work! Dale Pierce in CA

Just want to pass on my first impression of your company.

I ordered a kit as a last minute birthday present just yesterday, and to my welcome surprise it arrived in the mail first thing this morning.

With all the outfits on the Internet, I am glad I chose you, and you will be my first choice in the future.

Also it is cool to me to be able to give my business to a northwest company, almost local to me.

Thanks for the great service and Kudos to your mail order department. Mary Taylor in WA

Just wanted to say I have received my order, and everything is as it should be... Thank you all very much, a job well done and very timely. Many people hear about the complaints, few hear about the jobs well done. I hope to do business with you all again. Pastor Ray Jones in OH


The weather was nice this past Friday, so I decided to pan out the cons that I purchased from BlackCat Mining.

As I did with the other cons I bought, I panned out one tablespoon at a time and found gold in every pan without exception. My dad almost had a heart attack when he started to see the nice pickers that I was pulling out of the pans and he couldn't keep his fingers out. The bag was delivered packaged very well and it was heavy with black sands. Heck, I even pulled out a 4mm silver nugget. Did we have fun? "Heck Yeah"! And will I buy more? Absolutely! Thank You Eathan! Ben de la Vega in TX

Hi again, I just wanted you to know I received my Metal Detector. The shipping was fast too! I havent had much of a chance to do any detecting yet, but I am really looking forward to doing some treasure hunting! I will let you folks know when I make my first good find. Thanks again. Jon in Missouri

Editor's Note: A day later Jon reported finding silver - a 1937 Mercury Dime! A couple days after that he found a gold ring appraised at over $300!

First order: WoW !...WE RECIEVED OUR FIRST ORDER TODAY. I was very excited that it came so soon, and it worked out just perfect. I don't know if you know anything about Montana Gold Rushes, but one of the big ones was in Bannack. It is a State Park, and the Ghost Town still exists, and we are going on a Treasure Hunt there tomorrow. Our equipment showed up just in time. Thats way cool for us. Thanks for the fast shipping. Also, I've worked in shipping and receiving for many years, and I know a professional packing job when I see one. Great job on the packing. Thanks alot,..

Second Order: Got it Today on Monday. Man ! You guys are fast ! We went to a two hour seminar and listened to a big-time geologist from Montana Tech Mining Engineering School, who is like a specialist in his field, which is "GOLD"...It's cool, he uses a 30 inch sluice, like the one I got from you... Thanks.


Third Order: Hi Eathan,...I recieved my Light-Speed Delivery today. I don't know how you guys can get my order to me so fast but it's way cool and I'm loving it. As always, the products are awesome, and they came very professionally packed. Thanks a million. Jack and Regina Gray in Butte, Montana

Wahoo!! Thanks so much!! Y'all are great! I was hoping we'd get it before next weekend (we're going panning!). I just got the package (every thing was in good order!!). I am really excited and hope to send some pics when we get back! Take care Carol P. in GA

We love your products and enjoy panning your concentrates. Fred S. in AZ

I just received my order. Right on time as promised. I'm very pleased with your service to the customer in every detail of the order process. I also enjoy our telephone visits. Your business is sure to do well with this kind of customer service provided by you and Black Cat

Thank you,

Michael Lamarche Orlando, Florida

Hi Eathan,

Randy Oyler here from Fallbrook Ca. I just wanted to send you a picture of some of the finds.

The gold in the vial is three days of work using your Proline 50" Sluice Box. Location of finds East Fork of the San Gabriel Mts. CA digging down four feet in the middle of the creek. This is half of what I have pulled out of the hole. Working with a partner we are running two sluice boxes side by side. Gold is course flakes to pickers plus some mercury coated. Thanks again for all the help with your products. Randy

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