Black Cat Mining Shipping Information

At Black Cat Mining, we believe in getting orders out the door as quickly as possible. Our average time to ship is just over one day, and that average includes weekends and holidays! In stock orders often ship the very same day during the work week, while orders placed over the weekend or during holidays ship on the following business day. We ship fast!

While we make every effort to keep stock levels accurate on our site, backorders are a rare inevitability. In the case of backorders we first attempt to contact the customer to let them know the anticipated wait time and to discuss alternate products/options to help avoid shipping delays. If we cannot reach the customer or if no alternate arrangement can be made, the order will ship when the backordered item/items arrive back in stock.

Most orders will have three shipment options to choose from; Priority Mail, Priority Express and UPS Ground. Smaller orders may offer First Class Mail and larger may be limited to Parcel Post and UPS Ground, while some very large orders, both domestic and international, may require truck, ocean or air freight. Those will be handled on a case by case basis. Finally, to our customers in Alaska and Hawaii, don't get discouraged. We feel your shipping pain and would be happy to quote alternate shipping options that won't break the bank or make you wait 'til the cows come home.

First Class Mail - If the products in your cart don't weigh too much, we offer shipping by First Class Mail through the Postal Service.

Priority Mail - Priority Mail is essentially First Class Mail on packages. It's generally the cheapest option for shipments under 3-5 pounds, but this varies by zone. Shipments via Priority Mail should take anywhere from 1 to 5 days. Priority Mail now offers reasonable package tracking, provided the package is scanned along the way. Priority Mail is a service of the US Postal Service and will only deliver to your official mailing address. Priority Mail is quick, but not a guaranteed service.

UPS Ground - As packages start to go over 3-5 pounds, UPS Ground fast becomes the cheapest option. They also offer detailed tracking and insurance up to $100. UPS, United Parcel Service, is not the same as the US Postal Service, and will not deliver to your PO Box. For UPS shipments, use your street address. UPS Ground usually takes from 1-7 days.

Parcel Post - Parcel Post through the US Postal Service is the slow boat to China, but is often the lowest cost option to Alaska and Hawaii where UPS charges Air rates on Ground packages. Parcel Post can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks and will only deliver to your mailing address.

Shipping charge options will be calculated prior to checkout based on weight, location, dimensions, etc. Freight orders should be arranged with Customer Service.

In no case can we guarantee the time of delivery. We ship fast, probably faster than any other merchant in the industry, but once it leaves our hands, we rely on the carrier to do their jobs efficiently. Shipping times quoted are estimates. We will notify you via email when we ship your order.

In very rare cases some products, or special orders may ship direct from the supplier. We make every effort to stock the products we offer, but it may happen where we sell out faster than we pull the product. This may create delays in shipment, but we will make every effort to get things moving as quickly as possible.

Orders that include products that are "out of stock" or "on order" may be delayed beyond our normal shipping window. In these cases customer service may contact you.