Proline Large Sluice Box
Proline Large Sluice Box

Proline Large Sluice Box

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This is Proline's largest sluice box at 50 inches, and is built for high production sluicing for gold.

The top of the sluice starts with a wide flare, so wide in fact that we ship it in its own box. A wide flare helps direct more water through the sluice and helps in flow control.

Next comes a stretch of deep V ribbed rubber matting for quick inspection and sampling. If you're not seeing gold periodically settle in your ribbed matting, dig somewhere else. The gold may eventually wash down behind your riffles, but the matting helps in at-a-glance sampling.

Next comes a stretch of riffles over ribbed carpet. This area will catch the bulk of your gold. The riffles continue with the addition of a layer of expanded metal welded to the underside of the riffle tray. Many other sluice boxes have expanded metal, but few manufacturers take the time to carefully weld it to the riffle assembly. This extra effort means much quicker clean-up, fewer snags in your neoprene and fewer accidents where your prospecting buddy is quoted as saying, "Oops! Sorry, I didn't see that laying there. Maybe we can bend it back..."

The whole riffle system is hinged and folds right up and out of the way. This makes clean up a breeze! Just release the latches, lift the tray, slide the carpet into your tub and rinse the box. When you've rinsed the carpet, slip it back into the sluice, lower the riffles and latch. It's that easy.

Dimensions/Weight:  50" x 10" x 4" w/ 18" wide flare and weighs 10 lbs, 11 oz

A Note On Scratch & Dent: These sluices are shipped to us six to a box, and because the boxes are heavy, we often receive sluices with minor damage like a corner being bent (see photo). We sell these at a discount based the on severity of the damage.

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