Steel Gold Pans Back in Stock Soon

This is just a quick post to let folks know that we have a run of steel gold pans in the works. We have, unfortunately been out of stock for a bit, so this is exciting news.

Our manufacturer is back up and running and we have all gold pan sizes in production, from 1.5" (the ones we use for our gold pan keychains) all the way up to the big 16".

As an FYI, we have all of our metal gold pans hand formed by the same small manufacturer located right here in the United States. The pans are made of 24-gauge, cold rolled steel, via the same manufacturing process as they did in the old days. Quality is top notch.

Copper pans are still delayed, have been since the start of the pandemic. I do apologize, but copper prices have gotten so high that we would have to charge embarrassingly high prices for copper gold pans.

So, for now, it's steel. Other materials available in quantity via special order.

Also, our 10" plastic gold pans are back in stock. Both black and green came in today. Blue is still out at our supplier.

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