Triplet Jeweler's Loupe

Triplet Jeweler's Loupe

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This 10x 21mm triplet loupe is a high quality jeweler's loupe at a great price. Loupe has a nice chrome finish and includes a leather carrying case as well as eyelet for attaching a chain or lanyard.

The word "triplet" refers to the optics. Triplet loupes use a series of three lenses to correct for aplantic and achromatic aberrations common in singlet and doublet loupes.

What the heck does that mean...?

Loupes with only one or two lenses will have a blurred and/or distorted area around the edge of the field of view and can distort color slightly. Triplet loupes use three lenses with less dramatic profiles to minimize these effects.

Chrome Finish

We also carry less expensive singlet loupes for quick and dirty field work.

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