Proline Sluicebox
Proline Small Sluice Box

Proline Small Sluice Box

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First off, this Proline 30" is one the finest sluice boxes on the market. The materials, construction and attention to detail are excellent. This is a sluice we're happy to sell and use ourselves. Proline is known for quality, and they didn't disappoint on the 30.

At 30" x 8" x 3", this sluice box is light weight at 5.25lbs, yet perfect for any prospector who likes to move a good amount of material in a day. The sluice will fit in a 5 gallon bucket, as well as most backpacks, even behind the seat of your pickup, in the trunk of your car, most anywhere in your RV, in your canoe, etc, etc. While stow-and-go is a great feature, quality and efficient gold recovery are the top priorities and this sluice doesn't disappoint there either. 

These units are hand crafted to very exacting standards - from the welds attaching the expanded metal to the riffle assembly (one less item to worry about during cleanup), to the smooth edges of the tough aluminum box, to the ribbed matting at the neck of the sluice for easy sampling - these are quality sluice boxes throughout. Oh yeah, and they capture the gold like mad!

Recovery system includes steel riffles over expanded metal over ribbed carpet, with a section of deep-v ribbed matting near the mouth of the sluice for quick and easy sampling for gold.

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