Proline Medium Sluice Box

Proline Medium Sluice Box

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At 36" long by 10" wide, the Proline Medium Sluice Box offers much of the flexibility and portability of the Proline Small while approaching the Large Sluice for moving material. The Medium also shares many of the same features of both.

Like all Proline sluice boxes, the Medium runs zinc coated riffles and expanded metal over ribbed carpeting. The one-piece riffle assembly is hinged to fold out of the way for easy access to the carpet. At the top of the box is a fixed section of ribbed rubber matting for easily spotting color while sampling. Like the Small, the box itself is flared to capture more flow while maintaining a compact shape for easy packing. Like the Large, the medium has a handle affixed to one side for carrying.

Like all Proline equipment, gold recovery is excellent.

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