Proline HP200 Pump

Proline HP200 Pump

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The Proline HP200 Pump allows the use of a diving compressor. It has a 2" intake and 1.25" discharge. This pump weighs 4.9 lbs.

This is the standard pump used on both the Proline 2.5" dredge and 2.5" combo.

Proline pumps are designed specifically with dredging and highbanking in mind. They are high performance pumps made from high quality aluminum which is treated to a "T-6" hardness.

Parts are machined on computer controlled equipment for the best perfomance.

Proline pumps use 5 vane and 6 vane "aggressive bite" impellers with large intake throats to provide a high volume and working pressure.

All Proline pumps are hand assembled using high quality US made seals and grade 8 hardware.

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