Proline 2 Inch Combo

Proline 2 Inch Combo

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Proline has earned a reputation for manufacturing extremely high quality equipment. Their attention to detail and testing, as well as efforts to continuously improve their equipment has lead to a line of really good prospecting gear. The 2" combo is no exception.

The size, weight and ease of use makes the 2" combo a favorite for beginning prospectors who want the flexibility of a highbanker and dredge combo. The 4-stroke, 2.5 hp Honda engine running in combination with Proline's HP 100 pump offers a quiet running, powerful set-up without all the hassle of louder 2-strokes.

The lightweight, but rugged molded plastic hopper on the Highbanker is good sized with spray bars on both sides, each with a threaded cap for ease of debris removal. The unit can be continuously fed with a small shovel.

As a dredge, the 2" combo offers improved perfomance over many other designs on the market. Most combos feed the hopper above the grizzly rather than the sluice, even in dredge mode, forcing material to be lifted higher out of the water and decreasing performance. On Proline Combos the power jet feeds the unit below the grizzly and operates similar to a standard crashbox style dredge. The HP 100 also includes a fitting to attach a standard garden hose for use with a flusher nozzle.

Like all Proline Combos, the 2 inch runs nomad throughout the length of the box to trap and lock in the fines. The stand features independantly adjustable legs and rugged construction. Steel parts are zinc coated to prevent rust.

This unit ships ready to run as either highbanker or dredge, no additional parts are required.


Engine/Pump: 2.5 Hp Honda Engine and Proline HP 100 Pump
Sluice: 10" by 36"
Jet: 2" by 1.25" Slip
Suction Hose: 2" by 10'
Dredge Pressure Hose: 1.25" by 10'
Highbanker Pressure Hose: 1.25" by 25'
Weight 57 lbs
Dredge Capacity: 2 Cubic Yards Per Hour in Optimal Conditions

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