New Mexico Gold & Gems Then and Now (Maps)

New Mexico Gold & Gems Then and Now (Maps)

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Gold was first discovered in New Mexico in 1828 and there is still plenty to be found by the modern day prospector. New Mexico Gold & Gems Maps, Then & Now is a valuable resource for any miner with detailed maps of gold and gem deposits in the state.

The set features 5 maps, each printed on both sides. Gold locations are highlighted, along with the locations of over 60 types of rocks and minerals. These include amethyst, topaz, opal, geodes and more.

MAP 1 Side #1 Gold and Gems NW Section
MAP 1 Side #2 Placer Deposits New Mexico / Epithermal Vein Deposits

MAP 2 Side #1 Gold and Gems NE Section
MAP 2 Side #2 Great Plains Margin Deposits

MAP 3 Side #1 Gold and Gems SW Section
MAP 3 Side #2 Text

MAP 4 Side #1 Gold and Gems SE Section
MAP 4 Side #2 Placer Deposits New Mexico 1970

MAP 5 Side #1 Post Route Map 1902 with Mining Districts
MAP 5 Side #2 SW Mineral Deposits 1866

ISBN: 0-9720441-7-5

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