Lortone Rock Tumbling Abrasive and Polish Kit

Lortone Rock Tumbling Abrasive and Polish Kit

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This rock tumbling grit pack from Lortone includes coarse and medium/fine abrasives, as well as pre-polish and polish, in convenient resealable, wide-mouth plastic jars.

Course (60/90 grit Silicon Carbide) - grinding and shaping rough stones - 16 oz

Medium/Fine (120/220 Silicon Carbide) - smoothing surface after initial shaping - 14 oz

Pre-Polish (Aluminum Oxide) - peparing smooth stones for final polish - 12 oz

Polish (Ultra-fine Aluminum Oxide) - final polish of prepared stones - 12 oz

Kit contains enough grits and polishes for roughly 14 lbs of rock. Compatible with all makes of common rock tumblers.

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