Large Plastic Vial

Large Plastic Vial

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These large, clear plastic vials are perfect for showing off your gold, and best of all, they're much less likely to shatter when dropped on a rock out in the field. Glass breaks, so we never suggest carrying glass vials out to your diggings. Leave the glass at home and use a tougher plastic vial instead.

Also great for small beads, loose gemstones, salt, pepper & spices, a dash of cooking oil, dry flies for fishing, perfume, even...and yes, some people do actually carry this stuff...cougar pee. Personally, I'd rather wear perfume... Yuck!

Anyway, we carry them for prospectors and rockhounds to put their finds in. Their great little gem and/or gold vials.

Dimensions: 3.5" Long x 1" Diameter (fits nickels nicely inside)

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