Idaho Ghost Towns/Sites Then & Now (Maps)

Idaho Ghost Towns/Sites Then & Now (Maps)

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Idaho Ghost Towns, Then & Now is a set of five historical maps, two of which are printed on both sides.

The maps date from 1879, 1883, 1895 and 1912, and detail many early towns, forts, stage stations and military roads. The 1895 map is expanded over 3 sheets to show much more detail. These maps also feature overlays of the modern road system so you can easily pinpoint any areas of interest.

This is a great resource for anyone interested in historic Idaho, treasure hunting and more.

MAP 1 Side #1 Idaho 1879
MAP 1 Side #2 Idaho 1883

MAP 2 Side #1 Idaho 1895
MAP 2 Side #2 Idaho 1912

MAP 3 Northern Idaho 1895 with Overlay

MAP 4 Southwest Idaho 1895 with Overlay

MAP 5 Southeast Idaho 1895 with Overlay

ISBN: 0-9657558-2-7

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