Gold Mining in the 21st Century

Gold Mining in the 21st Century

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This book is a great guide to modern gold prospecting both for beginners and for those looking to expand their knowledge further.

Gold Mining in the 21st Century uses lots of diagrams and photos to give you the information you need easily and clearly.

A wide range of subjects are covered, including how to find and recover gold, how to pan, sluice and dredge as well as clean up procedures and even on to selling the gold you find. You will also find an excellent section on using your metal detector to hunt for gold.

All in all this is a great, easy to understand, yet comprehensive book for anyone looking to have a successful start at gold prospecting.

By Dave McCracken
280 Pages
ISBN: 0-9771716-4-7 and 978-0-9771716-4-4

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