Folding Sluice Box
Folding Sluice Box
Folding Sluice Box
Folding Sluice Box

Folding Sluice Box

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This nifty little folding stream sluice fits in a small backpack or 5 gallon bucket for the ultimate in portability, yet folds out quick and easy for a full 50 inches. The channel is 9 inches wide. The flare nests inside the folded sluice. Set up takes all of a minute and you're ready to get the flow right and start running material.

The recovery system starts with ribbed matting, followed by zinc coated steel riffles over expanded metal, over moss and ribbed carpet.

Clean-up is as easy as removing a couple of wing nuts.

All in all this is a really cool sluice for out of the way prospecting. Smaller, lighter sluices are available, but a larger box can handle a lot more material, which often means more gold at the end of the day.

Folded Dimensions: 4 1/8" x 9" x 15 1/8"

Unfolded Dimensions: 50" x 9" x 2 1/2"

Flare: 13 3/4" wide

Weight: 7 Lbs 8 ounces

Note: We no longer stock the Royal Manufacturing Folding Sluice

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