Desert Fox

Desert Fox

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Single or Variable Speed Desert Fox Spiral Gold Panning Machine

The Desert Fox from Camel Mining is one of the most popular pieces of clean up equipment on the market. The self contained, recirculating spiral panning machine processes concentrates quickly and efficiently.

The Desert Fox has adjustable angle and water flow and the variable speed option allows you to set the speed specific to the material you are running for better recovery. Just spoon feed the material and watch your gold climb up the spiral right into your capture cup.

This kit includes spiral panner, pump, hose, instructions, baggie of practice sands and several small flecks of fine gold to practice with - everything but the 12v battery - all packed in a tough ActionPacker storage box from Rubbermaid.

We suggest classifying your material down to at least 20 mesh and running same sized material together.

NOTE: Due to shelf space constraints, we drop ship these units direct from Camel Mining.

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