Colorado Ghost Towns/Sites Then & Now (Maps)

Colorado Ghost Towns/Sites Then & Now (Maps)

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Colorado is home to many ghost towns. You can now easily locate these historical sites with Colorado Ghost Towns / Sites, Then & Now.

This set includes 6 maps, dating from 1876, 1892 and 1900. The maps show many details including early towns and railroads, along with military roads, stage stations and forts. One map also displays populations for the state.

The 1900 map is expanded to cover 4 sheets, each of which features an overlay of the modern road system. This makes it easy for researches to locate the many ghost towns and sites that you can find using the maps.

MAP 1 Side #1 Colorado 1876
MAP 1 Side #2 Colorado 1892

MAP 2 Side #1 Colorado 1900
MAP 2 Side #2 Colorado Population

MAP 3 1900 NW Section with Overlay

MAP 4 1900 NE Section with Overlay

MAP 5 1900 SW Section with Overlay

MAP 6 1900 SE Section with Overlay

ISBN: 097204416-7

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