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10" Gold Pan

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This is the ubiquitous little black pan (now also available in blue or green).

They're everywhere and used for everything, in short an extremely useful gold pan to have around. We recommend you own at least one.

For gold panning, they're pretty basic, but perfectly functional. They have two raised ridges that help keep the gold in your pan, a lightly textured surface for working the fine stuff, and gold shows up really well against the dark plastic. They're main drawbacks for panning, smaller size and lightweight construction, also make them excellent to pack in.

They're not the most robust pan on the market, but their small size makes them excellent for panning into a clean-up tub. They pack very light, work great as a safety pan (always a good idea in areas with fine gold) and make an excellent addition to any kit.

They're also excellent for drying and screening cons, sorting out your magnetics, holding small items on the stream bank, propping up the leg of a high-banker or dry washer, eating cereal (I doubt they're food grade, so ignore that last), etc. They really are a very functional addition to any equipment collection.

These pans are also good for smaller hands, and are one of the more popular gold pans for kids.

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