Nevada Ghost Towns/Sites Then & Now (Maps)

Nevada Ghost Towns/Sites Then & Now (Maps)

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Nevada Ghost Towns / Sites, Then & Now is a valuable resource for anyone interested in the history of the state.

The set features historical maps taken from 3 different years – 1881, 1882 and 1900, as well as details on Nevada’s ghost town sites and population information for the state. The 1881 map is expanded to show greater detail and these maps also feature an overlay of the modern road systems so you can easily find any point of interest.

MAP 1 Side #1 Nevada 1882
MAP 1 Side #2 Nevada Ghost Town Sites

MAP 2 Side #1 Nevada 1900
MAP 2 Side #2 Population

MAP 3 1881 NW Section with Overlay

MAP 4 1881 NE Section with Overlay

MAP 5 1881 SW Section with Overlay

MAP 6 1881 SE Section with Overlay

ISBN: 0-9720441-4-0

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