Sam Radding's Book of Plans - Volume II

Sam Radding's Book of Plans - Volume II

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Sam Radding’s Book of Plans Volume II expands on the first book in the series by offering eight  more set of plans for lightweight, homemade prospecting equipment and tools.

This book offers plans for some very handy tools such as view scopes and suction sticks.

All the plans offer clear and easy to understand step-by-step instructions.  Detailed diagrams and materials lists make it easy to create your own DIY tools and equipment.

Plans included in Volume II:

1) View Scopes – Build  your own viewing scope to snipe for gold underwater.

2) Snuffer Bulb – Works in a similar way to a snuffer bottle but can be used underwater to suck up any gold while sniping.

3) Crack Hook – A great tool for easily scraping out material from cracks.

4) Fanning Board – Use a fanning board underwater to quickly move sand, silt, moss and more.

5) Suction Stick – Use this homemade hand dredge to quickly and easily suck up material from holes or cracks and easily transfer it to your recovery equipment.

6) Vibrobasic Drywasher – Build your own small and lightweight vibrostatic drywasher.

7) Mini-Magic Drywasher – A bellows drywasher that is small and light enough to carry into otherwise unreachable spots.

8) Gold Classifying Screens – Make this handy classifier set to classify down all that gold you’ve found into various mesh sizes.

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